Letters to the Editor

Democrat only choice if Sanford gets GOP nod

The upcoming election for the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives will find me voting the Democratic ticket if the primary runoff front-runner in campaign funds (Mark Sanford) is the Republican Party's chosen one. The reason is this -- AWOL.

Absent without leave is a serious offense in the military. If a private is AWOL, he or she will be punished. As the rank of the military person increases, the severity of the offense and the punishment become more serious. What if the commander in chief were AWOL for three days, and no one could reach him or her? What if a major political figure were to go AWOL and not even be in the U.S.?

How short a memory we have, or perhaps AWOL is now an acceptable standard in the Republican Party. Well, it is not acceptable to me, and I will be voting for a Democrat should my alternative be an AWOL politician.

Thomas R. Nordstrom

Hilton Head Island