Letters to the Editor

Congress should resist NRA lobbying pressure

According to a Fox News poll conducted March 17-19, 85 percent of Americans want criminal background checks on all gun buyers, including those buying at gun shows.

In addition, a majority of respondents favored mental health checks on all buyers and banning high-capacity ammunition clips and assault weapons.

Seventy-four percent of National Rifle Association members supported requiring a background check system for all gun sales in a January survey by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The NRA leadership, which represents the views of the gun manufactures more than the views of its members, is putting so much pressure on Congress that it is becoming increasingly less likely that any new gun control legislation will be passed. A ban on assault weapons has already been dropped from the Senate bill, but now Republicans and some Democrats from conservative states are buying the NRA line that registering gun sales will lead to the government taking away people's guns.

We have the best Congress that self-interest and money can buy. A few people will vote for legislators because they vote for gun controls, but many more will vote against them if they are opposed by the NRA.

How many more Newtowns will it take for Congress to do the right thing?

Frank Flaumenhaft

Hilton Head Island