Letters to the Editor

More effective solutions to reducing gun violence

While the proposal to ban semi-automatic firearms and standard-capacity magazines is getting the most attention, it's important to note that attacks on our Second Amendment rights are by no means limited to this one proposal.

As egregious as this proposal is, we can expect a number of future attacks on our Second Amendment rights to include not only gun bans, but also attacks on gun shows, restrictions on the lawful purchase of ammunition, elimination of private transfers of firearms, gun owner registration and more.

These misguided proposals will do nothing to reduce crime. Criminals, by definition, are lawbreakers. The only people affected will be law-abiding gun owners, such as myself, who use our guns for sport or protection or both.

If you are truly interested in reducing crime and keeping our children safe, you will focus on non-politically motivated solutions, such as improving our mental health system and addressing gratuitous violence in television shows, movies, and most importantly, video games. It seems more than coincidence that a number of recent mass murderers have been fans of and active participants in these video games.

I urge you to oppose any and all gun control bills and focus on solutions that will actually achieve positive results while respecting our Second Amendment rights.

Terry Costakis