Letters to the Editor

Ask more questions on jellyfish processing

The March 26 editorial on jellyfish harvesting and processing posed many good questions. But even more need to be answered before Millenarian Trading Co. is issued a permit by the state Department of Natural Resources for this fishery.

The editorial centered on the issue of harvest and the effects on other resources, such as sea turtles, but questions regarding the processing also need to be answered. Once the jellyfish have been caught, the processing comes under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The state of Georgia issues permits to five boats to harvest cannonball jellyfish. There have been water quality problems with the alum and complaints about the stench that inundates the town of Darien.

How will residents of Bull Point Plantation and surrounding areas of Gardens Corner and Sheldon be affected by the stench? How is the processing done? How much water is involved? Where will this water come from? Where will the wastewater and alum go?

The building in Gardens Corner they propose to use backs up to a small, brackish tidal creek that is one of the headwaters of Huspah Creek. It is the exact type of creek that Dr. Fred Holland's research has shown to be sensitive to changes in salinity. Will this company be asking DHEC for a permit to discharge into these headwaters?

Let's hope these two agencies will protect our resources and our neighborhoods from an ill-conceived idea that does not seem to be a good fit for our area.

Sally R. Murphy