Letters to the Editor

Congress must act now to strengthen gun laws

Time is running out for legislation to tighten gun controls.

The U.S. leads the free world in guns per capita. And it leads the free world in murders per capita. I have no problem with hunters and homeowners owning a gun. But our country is in the throes of a serious epidemic of violence and its getting worse.

Killings, exploitive TV shows and movies emphasizing sexual and destructive themes and senseless disregard for others are contributing to the destruction of society's values and moral fabric.

Approximately 75 percent of National Rifle Association members polled agreed stricter gun controls are needed. Yet narrow-minded NRA officials stand fast to their idiotic position that "guns don't kill; people kill." A more accurate viewpoint is that people kill with guns because they are readily available.

Our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they knew how we have abused the Second Amendment. Individuals were encouraged to bear arms in a militia to protect our new nation because we then had no formal army.

Our do-nothing Congress needs to address this issue immediately. They should:

  • Pass stricter gun regulations and control.
  • Restrict military-style assault weapons.
  • Reduce magazine capacity of semi-automatic weapons.
  • Require licenses and permits for all purchases, including gun show and private purchases or transfers.
  • Require professional instruction and certification of gun users.
  • Ensure criminals and mentally ill individuals are denied access to guns.
  • Educate America to aspects of gun violence.
  • Demand action now.

    Earle Everett

    Hilton Head Island