Letters to the Editor

Sanford's dereliction makes him unfit for office

I agree with the March 22 letter concerning uneven coverage of the various candidates in the 1st Congressional District primaries. In fact, on successive days, the newspaper had front-page, above-the-fold coverage of former Gov. Mark Sanford's campaign. It never covered any other campaign in this way or anything close to it.

As an independent, I vote for the candidate I think will do the best job for the people, regardless of party. And as a sinner, I should be the last person to sit in judgment of another's morals. But I oppose Sanford for a reason that the many military folks in this area, such as myself, will understand. He took charge of his post (the state), and it was his responsibility to guard that post. Instead, he deserted his post. He went AWOL, not only from the state and the country, but also from the entire continent.

The gravity of this may be lost on those who never stood guard duty, but believe me, this is serious. I don't give a tinker's dam about his fiscal responsibility or lack thereof. I don't care if his boys have forgiven him. What I care about is his gross dereliction of duty. What I care about is that he is a deserter. I think that fact alone should disqualify him from ever again holding a position of public trust.

Henry A. Robertson