Letters to the Editor

Fox News disrespects truth, our intelligence

A March 19 letter claiming that unlike other networks and major newspapers only Fox News "gives facts, all sides," begs to be considered in light of the March 21 coverage by Fox and the other major TV networks.

As CNN and MSNBC carried a live feed of President Barack Obama being honored at a state dinner in which Israeli President Shimon Peres awarded him its Presidential Medal of Distinction, Fox News was running a promo for a program asking whether Obama is an enemy of Israel. Incredible.

Obama was actually being characterized by Fox News as an enemy of Israel at the very moment that the Israeli president was praising Obama's support for Israel and his promotion of democratic values, human rights and peace across the world. As the only sitting president of the United States to be presented with this honor, the event was certainly worthy of live coverage. But one should not be surprised that a channel like Fox News, with a president (Roger Ailes) who was a long-time Republican media consultant, would be openly partisan and misleading in its news coverage.

What is surprising is that anyone who watches Fox News could believe he or she is well informed. Fox News coverage routinely misleads, and in doing so, it disrespects the truth and the intelligence of the American people.

Doug Nichols