Letters to the Editor

Sun City residents ones who are confused

This is in response to the letter chastising The Island Packet for not being able to learn the difference between Bluffton and Sun City "Hilton Head" and sending voters on a wild goose chase, looking for Sun City polling places with a Bluffton address.

The Island Packet gives the people of Bluffton more credit for their ability to operate a GPS or map than the letter writer does. I was a resident of Bluffton and am still a long-time Packet subscriber. I have never been nor know anyone from Bluffton who was tricked by the Packet into believing they lived in Sun City.

I hate to be a "retirement fantasy" destroyer and point out that the only people that have been led astray about the boundary lines of our community are the letter writer and other Sun City folks who believed it when they were told they live on Hilton Head and not in Hardeeville, and I can say with confidence it wasn't the Packet's doing.

Allen Marshall