Letters to the Editor

Look at all variables in evaluating teachers

Many comments about public education in South Carolina are centered on teacher evaluations. What ensures that evaluations are fair and coherent?

What is missing are evaluations that measure effectiveness. With all the variables that go into an individual student's school performance, adopting a single procedure would seem to be impossible. It has been shown that students with involved parents achieve more than students with parents who don't care.

The discussion involves parents and teachers, but avoids mentioning what is probably the most important factor: school administrators.

Who hires the poor teacher and keeps him or her in the classroom? School officials, of course. When a poor teacher is let go, why not have the administrator who hired that teacher be the next to go?

If there is a shortage of good teacher talent, one must ask why. If poor pay and working conditions lead potentially good teachers into other careers, why isn't that addressed?

William Baker

St. Helena Island