Letters to the Editor

Company handles well latest cruise ship issues

My wife and I were on the Carnival Dream cruise last week that ended at St. Maarten, and we had a great cruise.

We don't understand the exaggerations and reports of incidents we did not experience. Were they on a different cruise? I didn't see any overflowing toilets in restrooms. Stuck on the ship? No. On Thursday, which was supposed to be a sea day anyway, we passengers were invited to choose between staying on the ship with a full day of planned events or going off the ship to spend another day on St. Maarten.

I wonder if the people complaining are hoping to set up lawsuits. It is my understanding that lawsuits are intended to make the person whole. We have been told Carnival would refund three days of our cruise price, port parking will refund two days, Carnival will give us <2009>50 percent off our next cruise within two years, and Carnival will give us <2009>30 days to report additional expenses we experienced as a result of the changes. Carnival also provided us transportation from the ship back to our car at the port.

No, I did not enjoy the trip back to Port Canaveral, but I don't enjoy flying and bus rides in general. The Carnival Dream staff did a very good job of staying positive and providing the best cruise experience possible under the circumstances.

Charles Ellard