Letters to the Editor

Booing club in parade shows bad manners

To the man who booed our nonprofit organization, the Democratic Club of Beaufort County South of the Broad, at Sunday's St. Patrick's Day parade on Hilton Head Island: Boo-hoo, get a tissue.

He's just mad because his man, Mitt Romney, lost. Get over it. The popular vote, even with additional obstacles, still resulted in a win for President Barack Obama. Welcome to the new regime.

Our club paid to enter the parade in the sprit of supporting the parade committee and promoting our club, of course. It's a shame we had to encounter such a party pooper on the route.

Going forward, let us all be united instead of booing parade participants who have paid money to march.

John Giles, president

Democratic Club

of Beaufort County

South of the Broad

Hilton Head Island