Letters to the Editor

Political give-and-take natural in a democracy

Like many others, I enjoy reading contributions from readers. The majority of such contributions are both relevant and often informative.

However, when a letter appears that by any evaluation would not fall into that analysis, one feels obliged to comment.

The suggestion that President Barack Obama spends his time campaigning against the Republicans, rather than leading the country, is at best rather silly and at worse shows a clear indication that the writer has a limited idea of what democratic government is all about.

The very structure of party politics is based on an exchange of ideas and policy. Sometimes this represents cooperation, and at other times complete gridlock. The authority to agree or disagree stems from the power of the people as they elect their political representatives, based on the political ideals of each representative.

To suggest that the president could single out any political group is wishful thinking. The very nature of any political structure in a free society, which I think is a true analysis of America today, prohibits such action.

Furthermore, the suggestion that the president has created an ongoing crisis for his own ends is not borne out by reality. The crisis that we may be in is the result of poor government and the inability of both sides to cooperate on virtually anything for the past two years.

Geoff Wheatley

Hilton Head Island