Letters to the Editor

Assault weapons ban only rational course

I am in total agreement with the reader opinions published recently regarding the ban on military-type assault weapons.

All of the writers made excellent arguments that there is no valid reason to use these weapons and multiple-round magazines for hunting or protecting one's family and property.

It would seem logical in a civil society that there would be an outpouring of nationwide support for banning these weapons, considering their use to commit mass murders over the last decade, including the 20 innocent children in Newtown, Conn.

However, the National Rifle Association's rhetoric and scare tactics in opposition to any limits on gun control have apparently brainwashed otherwise rational-thinking citizens and politicians. The American people should be more fearful of the enormous power wielded by a single organization, such as the NRA, than the notion that government intends to take away our rights under the Second Amendment.

Let our elected officials in Washington know that enough is enough. Ban assault weapons now.

Candace Humphrey

Hilton Head Island