Letters to the Editor

Father with 'soulmate' the soul of the party?

We were driving to Bluffton Sunday and passed through the growing thicket of campaign signs avowing "faith," "family," "conservative," "freedom," "spending," "Republican," etc., and we worried about the relative merits of the troupe of Republican candidates.

Who best represents the soul and base of the party? Whom to choose?

Though we didn't see his campaign sign, we finally agreed upon Mark Sanford. The "why" is simple. Who better as an accomplished liar, who has paid more in ethics fines, who abandoned wife and children, who cast aside "family values" (remember that campaign phrase?), and who has a soulmate three years tardy with the date at the altar?

We know Sanford needs a paying job. With dependent children, college expenses looming, and presumably well-deserved alimony obligations, he's likely the neediest of the troupe.

As governor, Sanford couldn't get along with his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly. Remember the squealing and defecating piglets episode? He's a natural for the circus in Washington.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called us Republicans the stupid party. So be it. Let's show those few remaining skeptics out there that we Republicans really are the stupid party. Sanford: Proof positive.

If any of the other candidates think they have more closet skeletons and shenanigans than Sanford, and thusly are more qualified for Washington duty, then they better get their dirty linen hanging out for us to see.

William P. Hendricks