Letters to the Editor

Why make distinction among types of killing?

When is it right to do wrong? A child will cringe at killing a pet, a bird, a frog or a worm. Inherently, humans know that killing is wrong.

So how can it be right to kill an unborn human? When a fertilized ovum is transplanted at day four or five it is alive; one does not transplant dead tissue -- knowingly. Life from the very moment of fertilization contains all the DNA information that determines eye color, hair color, fingerprints, sexuality, as well as all the information to engineer development within the uterus. Many in our culture and throughout the world have become indifferent or numb to the value and sanctity of life, especially the unborn, the aged and some of the deformed or infirm. This indifference is illustrated in the fact that little media coverage is given to the 1,200-plus abortions daily in this country, while the death of the 28 victims in Newtown, Conn., gets big coverage, as it should.

I would not want to face my creator on judgment day and try to rationalize why one life is more valuable than another. The Sixth Commandment, "thou shalt not kill," is not a suggestion. Life, even if an unborn human, is endowed by its creator with rights that have value. Being pregnant is a condition, not a disease to be treated.

Harold Cross

Hilton Head Island