Letters to the Editor

Hunters, sportsmen should leave the NRA

I am consistently perplexed why intelligent and responsible hunters and sportsmen allow the National Rifle Association to exploit their allegiance -- and money -- by lending their credibility to the NRA's boogie-man campaign that "Americans' guns will be taken away."

Regardless of one's interpretation of the Second Amendment, I doubt that any gun owner truly believes that he or she will be called up to join a militia in the near future. President Ronald Reagan was surrounded by the most empowered militia in the world, and it couldn't protect him.

Rather than support the bottom lines of manufacturers, which is the undeniable primary purpose of the NRA -- it's always about the money -- thoughtful gun owners ought to cultivate and ensure the future of responsible stewardship. And why would any sane gun owner want to support an organization that enables mass killing by protecting the manufacture, earnings and ownership of the instrument to commit such? These instruments are "weapons." How do they factor into hunting and sport shooting?

I think hunters and sportsmen should distinguish themselves by voting with their wallets and withdrawing en masse from the NRA, which is a national embarrassment, and form an organization that genuinely protects all Americans -- one that we all could respect. Who's first?

Kate McClintic