Letters to the Editor

Insulting Bill Clinton accomplishes little

It's old news, but insults continue to malign former President Bill Clinton.

Calling him "Slick Willy," a destroyer of the nation's morality, and the consummate liar verge on silliness.

When you consider the Warren Commission findings on the assassination of Jack Kennedy, the war in Vietnam, Watergate and the war in Iraq, Clinton's mistakes fade into insignificance. I don't recall anyone getting killed because of his behavior.

When you take a longer look at Clinton, you find he has dedicated himself to humanitarian causes around the world, more so than any other president of the past. While in office he balanced the budget, reached out to people at all levels and was able to get along with his opponents. He was and still is respected around the world. Not too bad for a sinner.

Often we forget that power sometimes corrupts, and those in power often cross a line that conflicts with our social norms. We all have slipped at one time or another. To continue to call names and accuse demeans us all and reveals how shallow we can be.

I hope that through education and scientific discoveries we can move away from the "faith is fact" position and find more substantial truth and reality in the world around us.

Bob Faust

Hilton Head Island