Letters to the Editor

Liberals don't have good answers for GOP

Recently, liberals have been offering advice to the Republican Party.

A Jan. 23 letter scolds South Carolina for contributing $193 billion to the federal deficit over 20 years. President Barack Obama spent more than a trillion dollars on the stimulus, bailouts, paying unions and gambling on green energy projects. None of these expenditures improved the economy. South Carolina used its federal funding for schools, highway improvement, teachers, etc. In four years, Obama spent more than $6 trillion; the interest on our debt for one year comes to $220 billion. Do the math. Should Obama curb spending, or should Sen. Tim Scott curb South Carolina's spending?

Another Jan. 23 letter claims Obama is a needed breath of fresh air and didn't have enough opportunity to get things through Congress. He had two years with Democratic control and used it to ram through Obamacare. We won't see any fresh air, as I anticipate more hot air and more spending.

A letter Saturday advises the GOP to move to the left. The naive writer believes Obama doesn't want to take away everyone's guns. Obama refuses to address mental health issues or violent videos to reduce gun violence. Her advice to the GOP is to sanction more spending on social programs for women, immigrants and minorities. She doesn't care about the $16.5 trillion national debt.

Most liberals, who believe in higher taxes and government spending, moved here from blue states. If liberalism is so great, why did they decide to move to South Carolina?

Lee Sgroi