Letters to the Editor

Urge lawmakers to fix USCB funding inequity

Your Dec. 30 editorial, "USCB not getting fair treatment from the state," offered data that should arouse urgent action from the local community, the University of South Carolina Beaufort student body, parents and concerned citizens.

The average funding provided by the state to each South Carolina resident student attending one of our 10 "teaching sector" public universities is $2,487. The average funding per South Carolina resident student attending a private university is $2,356. The funding appropriated per South Carolina resident student attending USCB is $940. Based on number of resident students served, USCB is being denied $2.2 million a year.

It is imperative that every concerned individual (and everyone should be concerned) address the issue by contacting your state legislator immediately. You may go to www.schouse.gov and send a pointed email to your legislature or you may call state Rep. Chip Limehouse, chairman of the Higher Education Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee. His direct line is 803-734-2977. It takes less than a minute to call. Urge the legislature to revisit this inequity, and ask for corrective measures without delay.

The administration, faculty, friends and donors of USCB have diligently provided a competitive and quality university for this area in spite of this apparent injustice. Nothing more is being sought than our rightful share of new revenue.

For more information, you may call USCB Advancement at 843-208-8240. There is a degree of urgency involved, so please act responsibly and quickly.

Lawrence Kellogg