Letters to the Editor

Insurance director must be on SC residents' side

Why is Ray Farmer being considered for the job of S.C. insurance director?

He states he's uniquely qualified to run the agency because of his 33 years of experience as a lobbyist and regulator and as an adjuster in Georgia. I think not.

When asked by state Sen. Tom Davis whether he thought premiums right now on the coast accurately match up with the risk being assumed by the insurance companies, he replied yes.

It seems fairly obvious that as the state insurance director, he would do nothing to force the insurance companies to lower their premiums.

Why does North Carolina, with areas, such as the Outer Banks, that routinely get hit by hurricanes, enjoy lower premiums than Hilton Head Island, which fortunately has not been hit by a major hurricane in decades? Why can't South Carolina hire a director who puts the interests of residents and voters of South Carolina first?

Cara Fortney

Hilton Head Island