Letters to the Editor

Sanford's dishonesty means no second chance

My conservatism is being challenged with the suggestion that former Gov. Mark Sanford wants to return to public service. The Jan. 17 story wasted no time in getting to his extramarital affair. Transgressions in office have been glorified since former President Bill Clinton, and we no longer consider this bad behavior.

Sanford's report card should not be scored on his affair or his record. As one who admired the governor for his good service, I must say he failed in what should matter most when choosing our legislators -- character. He did not fail because of his affair; that is between him, his wife, his family and God. The failure is his dishonesty in the office he was privileged to hold.

Being mysteriously absent in the line of duty, misusing state funds and lying about these actions is not acceptable behavior for a representative in Congress. Republicans were enraged when Democrat John Edwards did what we all despise in politicians. Sanford has excused himself as failing in this chapter of his life and spent a year apologizing.

Thank you for your 20-year track record, but we are looking for a man with high-quality principles. Failure and sin are in all of us, but dishonesty is a character trait that should not be a requirement for our congressional representatives. I learned in business never to rehire someone who has failed the test of honesty. Come on, voters, we can do better than this. Not everyone loves a comeback story like this.

Bill Dreyer