Letters to the Editor

America must refocus anti-terrorism efforts

Four months after the Sept. 11 attack in Libya, which killed our ambassador and three other Americans, The New York Times reports that many of the same terrorists who carried out that attack launched the hostage taking in Algeria. That attack left another three Americans dead.

After the Libya attack, President Barack Obama vowed to bring to justice the killers. Nothing has been done to make those words true. Following the attack in Algeria, the best the president could do was issue a statement that he would work with Algeria to "gain a fuller understanding" to prevent future attacks. Yeah, that will show the terrorists.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that following these attacks recruitment and financing for al-Qaida is going gangbusters. A weak American response has emboldened our enemy.

The cancer of al-Qaida is rapidly spreading across North Africa. Look at what is happening in Mali. But apparently Obama continues to believe his 2012 campaign rhetoric that al-Qaida is "on the run." In his second inaugural address, he never mentioned terrorism. But he did say, "A decade of war is now ending." Surely, he cannot be so blinded by his own campaign rhetoric to not see how wrong that is.

I fear we are headed for more attacks against Americans. And should that sad day arrive, when a spectacular attack kills scores of our people, can we at last count on the news media to hold Obama accountable and demand change? I'm not hopeful.

Michael Miller