Letters to the Editor

Better solution available in Fresh Market area

Hilton Head Island is contemplating spending a million-plus dollars to benefit Leamington residents with a traffic light and connecting roadwork into the Fresh Market shopping center. If you look at the plans, the connecting is a convoluted way to solve a problem that should not exist. It also is an expensive solution.

If a light is needed, a more logical and less expensive solution would be to place it at the entrance to the Fresh Market shopping center. The median cut already exists at this point, so the expense of closing this cut-through and opening another would be avoided. There is much more traffic at this point, crossing into and out of the shopping center, than farther down at the Leamington entrance.

Given the extra expense of the connecting roads, the closing of the Fresh Market crossover and creating a new crossover at Leamington, it would be a considerable saving. Furthermore, a light at Fresh Market would provide the break in traffic that the Leamington residents desire to enter the main road.

For those of us coming from the south end who shop at Fresh Market, the proposed changes would mean that we would either have to enter at the south entrance and drive the whole length of the center, make a U-turn at the traffic light or use the circuitous connecting road the town will construct. This certainly is not an improvement for those of us using the current entrance.

This project should be rethought.

Charles F. Lenzinger

Hilton Head Island