Letters to the Editor

Where are questions about using drones?

Under former President George W. Bush, a few Muslim terrorists were water-boarded and the Bush-hating press said it was unAmerican torture; that it created more Muslim terrorists.

President Barack Obama immediately stopped that "terrible" practice. Now Obama, so smart in contrast to the dumb Bush, is killing Muslim civilians by drones. We killed two just before the new year simply because, Reuters news service said, they were suspected of being connected toal-Qaida.

But I'm sure that's not unAmerican because the Obama-supporting press has been silent. I also suppose drone killings do not create more terrorists as water-boarding did. Isn't it great to have a smart president?

But since we are so concerned about Iran getting the bomb, one wonders how long until Iran, or another of our enemies, produces drones and starts killing civilians here because they were thought to be bad guys.

Dan Landis

Hilton Head Island