Letters to the Editor

His 'brother's keeper' not seen with Obama

A recent story concerning an Obama family member received little attention. President Obama has a brother, George, who lives in impoverished circumstances in Nairobi. George Obama's young son was recently hospitalized with treatment costs around $1,000. Significant enough to most of us, but an insurmountable expense to someone who is very poor. Did George call his brother Barack for help? He did not. He called a man who had only recently befriended him when he interviewed George for his movie "2016: Obama's America." Dinesh D'Souza took the frantic call from a desperate father and sent the money. Dinesh asked George why he chose to call him for help. George replied, "I have no one else to ask."

We do not know why Dinesh was the only person George could call. It is sadly ironic to have a president who has urged us on many occasions to be our "brother's keeper" and to pay our "fair share," but has a brother who sought help from someone he only recently met. Is President Obama not his brother's keeper? He tells us that some Americans have enough money, and they should spread the rest around. Obama is a multimillionaire. Do you think on Jan. 20, when he is officially unemployed, Obama will start to spread his wealth around? Somebody tell George not to hold his breath.

Eileen Cain

Hilton Head Island