Letters to the Editor

Conflicting GOP beliefs defy understanding

I follow political news, and in the past year nearly everything that has emanated from the GOP has run the gamut from incorrect to inane. Some of the highlights:

The president of the United States slipped past the CIA, NSA, FBI and the entire world with a fake birth certificate. President Barack Obama is a socialist, but he spent too much money bailing out Wall Street. Government should stay out of my business, but all abortions should require a government-mandated ultrasound -- and the human body has superpowers that ward off rape sperm. Gay marriage will destroy our marriages faster than we can ourselves. Dead people in South Carolina are trying to steal the election. Half of America doesn't pay taxes because they are pathetic losers. I'm not releasing my tax returns -- but now I am -- and I overpaid? Let's invade Syria and watch out, Cold War II is coming.

A snarky synopsis, perhaps, but it doesn't stray from the truth. With the economy improving daily, I need to understand why anyone would vote Republican. I am respectfully reaching out for rational, truthful answers (such as supply-side economics, deficit reduction, jobs-jobs-jobs, and God will not receive full credit). Help me understand.

Peg Schlichtemeier

Lady's Island