Letters to the Editor

Let our Constitution guide your vote Nov. 6

It is our turn on Nov. 6 to choose leaders of character who will uphold the Constitution and principles of self-government that made this nation the light on the hill for all mankind.

Daughters of the American Revolution does not endorse candidates nor political parties, but we believe and support the values expressed in our motto: "God, home and country." These principles unite people as Americans, rather than dividing people by political parties and philosophies. These core beliefs have been protected the last 225 years by the Constitution and were given to us at great sacrifice.

Voting is not an unalienable right, but a privilege and duty. Our Founders believed that we would be held accountable by our creator if we did not preserve the freedom won for us by blood. It is important to be an informed voter, always using our Constitution as the standard. Voting just to vote is dangerous for any society. If a society is to remain free the people must be moral and know the principles of liberty.

May we live in a manner that will make us virtuous, good people who will educate ourselves and be astute and diligent in the pursuit of freedom. Vote prayerfully and wisely for leaders who will protect and

defend America and its Constitution.

Margret V. Maloney,

Emily Geiger Chapter

Daughters of theAmerican Revolution