Letters to the Editor

Pull back spending from the tipping point

Many letters in this fractious political season have promoted one detail or another in the differing proposals, often buttressed by a selected fact or assertion. That many were egregiously wrong is not the purpose of this letter.

We will have been patient with this administration now for four years. In addition to whether you are better off, ask yourself whether this new flat and meandering economy is what we must put up with going forward. It is not.

Our society is gradually losing moral traction and spiritual direction, something innate to its founding. Do we want that to continue to slide? Imagine the results from an Obama-appointed Supreme Court, the effects of which will endure for generations.

In addition, before us is the clearest choice in our lifetimes. Do we keep selfishly mounting dangerous debt and growing government to the point where it is our veritable centerpiece? Or do we drastically decrease spending, renovate extant programs and "ask not what our country can do for us?"

Republicans are not trying to dismantle Medicare. They are trying to save it. They will not turn their backs on the needy, but will restructure programs to create independence and foster success.

We are at the point where the numbers of those demanding government help exceed those able to financially support it. Please vote to bring us back from this tipping point. The survival of our democracy depends on it.

Charles P. Duvall

Hilton Head Island