Letters to the Editor

Keep the seawall clear, uncluttered

I was unable to attend the hearing regarding the city of Beaufort's plan to put a 250-foot day dock in front of the seawall in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park and a building for storing kayaks, rowing boats, etc., with an extended dock near the present boat ramp.

This is not good for downtown Beaufort and the historic district.

Our grandchildren visited recently, both in their mid-20s. They have visited the park all their lives and enjoyed all it has to offer. We purchased drinks at Luther's and then walked out to sit in swings and enjoy our Cokes, the view and the beauty that is Beaufort. They were appalled to learn of the proposed changes and kept asking, "Why would they do this to this glorious area?" That is the question of many.

More recently, a group of us purchased lunch at Plums and had it brought to us in the park. We celebrated a birthday together, relishing the joy of the gentle breeze and the natural loveliness that is "beautiful Beaufort by the sea."

Your editorial said it best: "City Council needs to doggedly protect the integrity of the Waterfront Park. It was planned beautifully and it works. It works for businesses, families, visitors, residents, children, the elderly, fishermen and boaters. ... It gives the city a tangible heart. It speaks to the soul in a way that is hard to put into words, but easy to ruin by needless tinkering. Keep the seawall clear and uncluttered."

Rebecca F. Trask