Letters to the Editor

Pace is picking up on our downward spiral

Let's take a look at how much the Obama administration has taken from American citizens over the past four years.

He can play golf when he wants to, and his family has gone on trips that not only involve the use of Air Force One, but also housing, food and security. If I had what was spent by them, my kids and grandkids could have a nice future.

No one wants to comment on this, but they sure try to knock Gov. Nikki Haley. One thing for sure, she proved a point by paying back for the misuse of tax dollars on some of her state airplane flights. But what is Obama doing now but using tax dollars for his campaign?

Let's get it together and become America again.

Veterans had to have a flag removed in Florida at a Democratic Party headquarters because Obama's picture was on it where the stars are supposed to be. I have never seen our country so out of control as I have the last four years, but especially the last few months.

I am a dedicated American of 70-plus years and will let no one take her down. Let's stand up and be proud and bring her back to the "Stars and Stripes."

Robert E. Williams