Letters to the Editor

Voters should decide who is county treasurer

There will be a very important local referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot. Beaufort County Council, under the leadership of Stu Rodman, is asking whether the Beaufort County treasurer should become an appointed position instead of an elected one. This suggested change is sanctimonious and an attempt to prohibit voters from choosing one of the county's most important officials.

In 2010, the Treasurer's Office was riddled with scandal, including proven charges of embezzlement. The incumbent who had held this office for numerous years, unchallenged, was suddenly faced with opposition from Doug Henderson. He obtained about 10,000 signatures to allow him to run for treasurer as a petition candidate. Henderson received close to 30,000 votes in the 2010 election and defeated the sitting treasurer. Since taking office, he has made great strides in correcting erroneous policies.

I feel strongly that the position of treasurer should continue to be an elected position, thereby allowing Beaufort County voters to make the decision. We should not permit anyone to hand-pick our county officials. If passed, the proposed referendum could become a "power play."

Vote "no" on the referendum. Protect our right to elect the treasurer.

Charles Mitchell