Letters to the Editor

Don't let media distort true election choices

The media have obfuscated the intent of the 2012 election. They have turned us against one another and fragmented the voting bloc with red-blue, left-right, liberal-conservative, along with class, distinctions. Where is moderation? Extremism kills.

We're fed a stream of bent information about taxes the candidates have paid, what their true country of birth is, how many extemporaneous gaffs they have made, are they Christian or Mormon or closet Muslims.

Millions are being spent spinning half-truths about the opposition, but not one cent to tell the public what the candidates believe and how they will make things better. No meaningful rhetoric on the economy or our demise as a respected international leader has surfaced. Its all about slandering the opposition.

I hear about change. From what? Practices that once made us a respected world power, from a capitalistic economy that communist countries are now attempting to emulate, that fuels our democratic form of government?

Granted, capitalism has its own set of warts, but we are missing the key issue here.

This is not a beauty pageant or about who has a silver tongue. This is not about who shot John. This election, like none since Andrew Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams, is about ideology.

It is about another insidious step away from a capitalistic economy.

We cannot have our leadership bow before socially and economically inferior nations, we have fought too hard and lost too many as a nation.

Base your choice on ideology. Our country's future is at stake.

Bill Kuttruff

Hilton Head Island