Letters to the Editor

Duplicate program not real troop support

I want to bring some clarification to an Oct. 1 letter that stated Republicans need to become aware and involved (in supporting the troops) by protesting the defeat of the Veterans Jobs Corps Act.

I have heard this argument time and again over the past few weeks, and I feel compelled to share some facts. I am a proud Marine Corps wife of 18 years, so my interest in this is obviously high.

I have always been impressed with the services and support given to our military members, their families and veterans. Because of the high population in this group, there will always be complaints. But rest assured there are successful programs already in place for veterans, specifically those seeking employment.

Here are some, to name a few: Jobs for Veterans Act, Veterans Job Bank, My Next Move for Veterans, Troops to Teachers, VOW (Veterans Opportunity to Work) to Hire Heroes Act, Veterans Employment and Training Service, Veterans Employment-Related Assistance Program, Transition Assistance Program and Military One Source.

Instead of protesting the defeat of a duplicative government program, we should work on existing veteran programs and employment for all.

Anything at this time is going to seem political, but could it be that the concern shown by the Republicans in Congress was for wasteful spending and the national debt and not to "display their hatred for the president and Democrats?"

Amy Fitzgerald