Letters to the Editor

Wake up to dangers of Muslim Brotherhood

On May 6, I submitted a letter that presented how the Muslim Brotherhood was attempting to infiltrate our government. I was told by the editor, "I haven't had a chance to verify the information, and going to one source, the documentary you cite, is not sufficient." I subsequently provided 14 sources, for a 250-word letter, and they still chose not to publish it.

Based on recent Middle East events, I would like to again submit a letter, but this time, a more watered-down, vanilla and attenuated version to appease the editors, while still pointing out dangers to you, the reader.

I "think" Muslim Brotherhood front groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim Students Association were declared criminal organizations by a Texas judge in 2008.

"In my opinion," there were documents, recovered during a post-9/11 raid, that describe how the Muslim Brotherhood will and are infiltrating our society, culture and government.

I'm "pretty sure" there've been gross misjudgments by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama which are putting our country, First Amendment rights and Constitution at risk.

I "heard from someone" that Eric Holder and the Obama administration would not release the remaining Holy Land Foundation files even after a freedom of information request. They want us and Congress to go pound sand.

We citizens must pressure Rep. Tim Scott and other politicians to wake up and take notice of the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups.

Darin Ray