Letters to the Editor

Size of national debt staggers imagination

I wonder how many of us really comprehend a trillion dollars. How can we put that into perspective?

Suppose we had a time-lapse machine that allowed us to make a deposit of a million dollars every day from today back 2,012 years to the birth of Christ. When would we have a trillion dollars? Surprisingly, we'd fall well short on the day Christ was born. In fact, it wouldn't be until 795 B.C. that we'd finally accumulate a trillion dollars.

Today, our federal debt is $16 trillion and rising by over $1 trillion a year. That scares the dickens out of me because that's what we, the American people, are in hock for. And we're responsible for it. We put the politicians who control government spending into office.

We like it when we get something "free" from the government (defined as somebody else paid for it) and don't like it when it's cut back or taken away.

Want to make a difference? Think long and hard about what you want for your country when you vote Nov. 6.

John Jourdan

Moss Creek