Letters to the Editor

Time running out to reset national debt

I found a website that shows the national debt clock and where the money comes from, how it is spent and how rapidly our debt is growing. Check it out yourself at www.usdebtclock.org. Point to any number and get the source in the box at the top of the page.

I am so glad I am as old as I am because I don't want to be around to see what the United States will be like in 20 years. It scares me to think what my grandchildren will be facing.

According to this debt clock, each citizen's debt comes to about $57,073, but all citizens do not pay federal income taxes. So the total for each taxpayer comes to $140,369. Unfortunately, that will probably be higher by the time this letter gets published.

Check out the last line that shows all our collective assets minus liabilities. It means that each taxpayer's liability comes to $1,005,522.

You can argue whether the figures are exact or not, but our future government and its future citizens will be in deep trouble over how we have managed our spending and tax dollars.

When you die, would you like to come back to the world you have created for your grandchildren? If not, please consider your loving grandchildren when you vote Nov. 6. It might be the greatest gift you can give them.

Marma Kuczkowski

Hilton Head Island