Letters to the Editor

Akin's refusal to quit will only help Obama

I read with interest the story about the endorsements from respected political leaders for Rep. Todd Akin's campaign to replace the liberal Democrat, Sen. Claire McCaskill. Missouri will be one of the crucial swing states for the presidential election. I applaud their efforts to do what the national party could not, but I am afraid it will not succeed. Though McCaskill was extremely vulnerable, she will win and drag Obama along with her.

The ridiculous gaffe made by Akin makes him unelectable. It occurred so late in the race that replacement of him would have been difficult, but not impossible. Party leaders asked him to step aside, but he refused. The central committee of the GOP could not force him to do so. They could not possibly support him, but individual influential Republicans, who are not running for office, can. When Akin loses the race his political career will be all but over. His ego and selfishness could doom Romney's chances to win the presidency.

As an eight-term congressman, his retirement benefits will exceed anything you or I might hope for. Perhaps his ego and need for the benefits from being a senator outweigh the ruin he will bring the country if Obama is re-elected. His name would live in infamy in history as the man responsible.

Robert Scott

Hilton Head Island