Letters to the Editor

St. Helena Elementary on track to improve

My husband and I attended the school board meeting at St. Helena Elementary School. The district staff explained why the school received an "F" rating and presented their action plan for improvement. The school staff members presented a very positive statement of their philosophy and mission.

Some important elements in the life of the children were omitted. The staff is dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for the children. You see this in the wall displays that show children's work and motivational displays that encourage children to do their best. You see this as you walk by classrooms and hear the teachers presenting lessons. Children are not passively sitting at their desks; they are actively engaged in the learning process. This staff effectively uses good practices to make good learning environments in the classroom.

The staff has developed an action plan that has improved the reading scores (they are one point away from a "C"). This staff has identified math as an area of weakness and will work on this every day as evidenced by the plans presented to the board.

I encourage people to visit St. Helena Elementary and spend some time with the children and staff.

Expectations for children have changed since most of us went to school, and this staff is meeting the challenge. Improvements will happen and no one wants it more than the staff at Saint Helena. The community needs to be patient, involved, supportive of the school and positive with their children at school.

Angela King

St. Helena Island