Letters to the Editor

Fractious Republicans hard to get a grip on

Will the real Republican Party please stand up? Who is running the ship? There are several possibilities.

Let's start with the tea party. Our own Sen. Jim DeMint is the "kingmaker" of the tea party. He manipulates policy behind the scenes. Rep. Eric Cantor is clearly the head of the House tea party. He is primarily responsible for having killed the grand bargain negotiated by Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama. In spite of the bargain being a balanced plan, with both budget cuts and revenue increases, the tea party does not want this president to look successful, no matter what.

Next on the list is Grover Norquist, another sleazy, behind-the-curtain guy who has strong-armed almost every Republican, including Mitt Romney, to sign his no-tax pledge. By signing this pledge, Romney cannot raise taxes under any circumstances. Norquist is not an elected official but has tremendous sway over what happens in Washington, and more importantly, what does not happen in Washington.

Then come the neo-conservatives. You remember the guys who got us mixed up in Iraq, looking for weapons that were not there. The neo-cons are just fine with torture, never mind the Geneva Conventions. They never met a war they didn't love, and they have now surrounded Romney in order to advise him on foreign policy.

There is no unity here. Even the Romney/Ryan ticket consists of two men with entirely different ideologies. So, are you really a political party at all?

Maggie Morse