Letters to the Editor

Football program shows what leadership can do

For the past 10 years, I have been going to Bluffton High School football games on Friday nights in the fall. During that time, I have observed a dramatic change in the evolution of this program. Before the current coaching staff was hired, team members looked as if they wanted to win but didn't play as if they actually believed that they could win.

In recent years, everything about this football program has changed and seemingly for the better. In the last few years, the team has played with purpose, heart, determination, passion and fervor. Watching the coach on the sideline, it appears that he has demanded accountability from his players and has an expectation of performance and behavior at a very high standard. I have seen his response to those players who did not perform up to a standard of behavior, and it wasn't pretty.

There is a tremendous sense of pride in this team throughout the community, and I love the way they approach each game. It all comes down to leadership and expectations. The coach has set the bar very high and his team has responded. The leadership from the staff and the players has been extraordinary. The results of this formula are indisputable.

It is apparent that our country needs a new "coaching staff" because the current one is devoid of credible leadership. We need someone to lead and change the course of the country. It can be done. Witness the Bobcats.

Kevin Baruth