Letters to the Editor

Medicare coverage at risk with Ryan plan

A critical issue for senior citizens in this presidential election is Medicare.

President Barack Obama has pledged his unwavering support for Medicare.

On the other hand, Rep. Paul Ryan stated at the recent AARP convention that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving many of our neighbors without medical care . At the Republican Party convention, Ryan said the greatest threat to Medicare was Obamacare. That is not true. The law strengthens Medicare. The Medicare trust fund will pay less to providers because the providers will get more patients. Medicare taxes on those making more than $250,000 will be raised. Costs of Medicare Advantage will be reduced to comport with regular Medicare costs.

Ryan also said he would do away with Medicare as we know it and replace it with subsidies. Senior citizens would have to purchase their own health insurance in the open market. Without the Affordable Care Act, the protections for pre-existing conditions would no longer exist. How many seniors do not have at least one pre-existing condition? How many seniors are comfortable being at the mercy of insurance companies to provide adequate coverage at an affordable rate? Many of our senior citizens live on limited incomes. It is a frightening prospect to face one's twilight years without Medicare. Seniors have paid into Medicare for decades. We must choose our next leader carefully.

Lynne Nordenberg

Hilton Head Island