Letters to the Editor

Obama's record shows he wasn't ready to lead

Recent pro-Obama letters extolling mythical attributes might be hilarious were the delusions not so tragically dangerous.

Under President Barack Obama's incompetent leadership, our economy has collapsed and limp-wristed attempts at foreign policy have resulted in the murders of an ambassador and three colleagues. Anti-American riots abroad grow bolder as a result of his apologetic lack of spine, making us a laughingstock around the world.

Obama had no qualifications to be president. An affirmative action education and no real job experience, a partial term in Congress, voting "present," simply made him a good talker. He remains a phantom with no real history, no school records. We knew nothing about him in 2008, but we surely know now that he is a failure as a leader.

We are far worse off than four years ago. Terrorism is on the increase and lack of leadership increasingly puts us at risk. Uncontrolled spending has brought us to verge of complete economic collapse and thousands of jobs are being lost every day.

This election is not about women's rights, i.e., "free" contraceptives. It is about our future. The hard cold truth is that a vote for Obama is a vote against personal responsibility, against the hope of financial recovery and against all the values that made America the greatest nation on earth. This republic, this best great hope of mankind, might cease to exist through the grim Obama agenda.

Mary Duvall

Hilton Head Island