Letters to the Editor

Terrorist attack in Libya reveals Obama's failings

Isn't it just disgusting that the Obama administration is playing politics with the murder of our ambassador in Libya and three other people?

Without having any facts, they immediately sent out our United Nations ambassador to proclaim, without any doubt, that it was just a demonstration that got out of hand. And when asked why there was so little security, she responded that he had two former Navy SEALs with him.

She was either hopelessly misinformed or tried for an out-and-out cover-up for very costly mistakes by the administration. How could she just discount the fact that that these people just happened to have heavy weapons at this spontaneous demonstration and that it occurred on the anniversary of 9/11? When it was pointed out to her that Valarie Jarrett had more security for her vacation to Martha's Vineyard, I was waiting for her to say that there had been a recent outbreak of crime on Martha's Vineyard.

When this president, in his Cairo speech, said that we were going to "reset" our relations with Islam and after taking out Osama bin Laden that it was the beginning of the end of al-Qaida, it had to be hard to finally admit that this was a planned execution by al-Qaida. To apologize to the Muslim world is a major sign of weakness, and one thing Islam doesn't respect is weakness. So within 12 hours of these murders, the president did what he does best -- left for a campaign stop in Las Vegas.

Richard Courreges

Callawassie Island