Letters to the Editor

Obama has weakened our checks and balances

A Sept. 22 letter ("Soviet comparison not based on reality") provided a false sense of assurance for our American system of checks and balances.

Although the system has served us well for nearly 210 years, former President George W. Bush, and even more so President Barack Obama, neglected enforcement of our immigration laws (contrary to the will of Congress and the citizens.) This contributed to large drains on the safety net and weakened our ability to exclude the entry of felons, those with communicable diseases and those without marketable skills.

Instead of the rule of law, Obama often opts for his own ideology and makes significant use of executive orders. When Congress was not able to pass the "Dream Act," he resorted to using an executive order to implement selected parts of it. His administration sued some states that tried to regain control over the law in their state (Arizona in particular.) And his actions during the debate on the health care law were obviously abusive, including the improper use of federal funding resources to reward Louisiana's and Nebraska's representatives for changing their votes.

And two years after the act was approved, and subsequently challenged by some states up to the U.S. Supreme Court, President Barack Obama tried to personally influence the chief justice by making legal assertions that were more properly the work of the attorneys who were handling the case.

Obviously, our checks-and-balances system has been weakened and our freedom has been attacked by the person elected to protect our nation and our legal system.

Robert J. Keegan

Hilton Head Island