Letters to the Editor

Assessing Obama's term a long list of negatives

The Obama administration's policies and actions have accomplished the following:

  • Reduced America from No. 1 to No. 7 on the world competitive index.
  • Allowed America to have the highest corporate tax in the world, driving more businesses and jobs overseas.
  • Created $5 trillion in debt, escalating the national debt to $16 trillion.
  • Achieved America's first credit downgrades in history.
  • Failed to balance or approve a budget.
  • Produced unprecedented growth in welfare, food stamps, entitlements and free stuff, creating a society of dependent, compensated voters.
  • Reduced America from premier world power to foreign policy weakness, apology and embarrassment. Our friends and enemies no longer know who or what we are.
  • Endangered our intelligence community, armed forces and nation through an unprecedented stream of security leaks.
  • Placed the future of Medicare in jeopardy by robbing it of $718 billion in future spending and failing to address its inevitable current path to bankruptcy.
  • Allowed illegal immigration to become just another voting block, while punishing those that tried to do the federal government's job.
  • Allowed God and traditional Christian values to be sidelined in favor of tolerance, "fairness," political correctness and pandering for votes.
  • In the last four painful years, we have experienced the progressive decline in our economic, fiscal, political and national security strengths; extreme class warfare; and programmed racial tension. An unprecedented stream of lies, divisiveness, hatred, jealousy and anger is creating infamous history.

    Elections have consequences. Vote for liberty, freedom, personal responsibility, restoration, growth, not weakness, dependency, socialism, debt and failure.

    Tom Kendall