Letters to the Editor

Obama's weakness proved by Libya incident

Where is the leadership?

President Barack Obama skipped his intelligence briefings throughout the week of Sept. 16. Since taking office, Obama has skipped more than 50 percent of his daily intelligence briefings.

On Sept. 11, Obama did not have Marines at our embassies worldwide. There was no extra security.

The first time Obama spoke to the president of Libya was the night our embassy's security was breached and our ambassador murdered.

Our murdered ambassador, Chris Stevens, went missing for more than five hours before he was finally found at a hospital.

The Obama administration's first response was not to condemn the murderers, but to apologize for an anti-Muslim video that was legally created under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Obama went to bed without knowing where Chris Stevens was.

Obama spent the following night at a Las Vegas campaign event and fundraiser.

Two reporters were caught plotting and coordinating questions they were going to ask Mitt Romney at his press conference.

The administration's continued explanation that the Libya violence was incited by the video is inaccurate. The White House now says the attacks were coordinated and planned for Sept. 11.

From jobs and the economy to apology tours -- can we survive four more years of this?

The world craves U.S. leadership backed by massive power. Apologies never command respect in this world.

Our decision on Nov. 6 has became very obvious.

Mark Generales