Letters to the Editor

Debates offer chance for greater explanation

As a politically independent voter, I have been following this year's presidential campaign through the media, the ad wars and heated rhetoric.

I have been waiting to see whether there would be a defining moment that could influence both campaigns in the remaining days before the Nov. 6 election. Mitt Romney's recent inelegant comments about 47 percent of Americans paying no taxes and being takers and victims could come close to such a moment.

President Barack Obama's campaign might be tempted to keep quite and let the self-inflicted distractions of the Romney campaign accumulate and thus perhaps help him with his re-election. However, I think the issue requires closer and more immediate attention.

The debates will offer the ideal opportunity to further explore this issue publicly. This would involve Romney's explaining why he is not concerned with 47 percent of the electorate. He later corrected himself by saying that he was really concerned about 100 percent of the electorate. Which of these was a purely political statement and which represents his true policy views?

Either way, he needs to show a better understanding of the different demographic elements that he chooses to cite in his policy analysis and remarks.

Dan Daniels

Hilton Head Island