Letters to the Editor

Too much at stake to remain silent now

Some are reluctant to publicly take a political stand. Aside from politeness, one concern is facing nasty comments or worse. To the contrary, left-of-center, uninhibited groups fearlessly demand and receive frequent, highly visible media exposure. To provide balance, no one should avoid speaking up when so much is at stake this November.

Are you happy with a "fundamental transformation" of our country: never-ending, enormously expensive entitlements and bailouts; four years of unacceptably high unemployment; bottom-of-the-barrel economic growth; energy mismanagement; insanely out-of-control national debt to be shouldered by children and grandchildren; planned wealth redistribution; politically inspired immigration actions; massive borrowing from China and aid to Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and the U.N.; legislating through presidential "czars" and "fiats"; and seemingly intentional and very disruptive religious, economic, ethnic and gender polarization? Is our worldwide security and respect improved by presidential pacification of and apologies to foreigners who innately hate Americans?

Regardless of political affiliation, can you afford to risk four more years like the last four years? Tired of excuse after excuse spoken with magnificent yet shallow and generalized oratory, often disingenuous? Judge performance by actions and not feel-good words and hollow promises. Fool me once in 2008, but not twice.

My hope was that America's choice in 2012 would be a centrist like Bill Clinton or a moderate Mitt Romney. Alas, the choice again involves ultra-liberal Barack Obama.

Also, avoid gridlock, elect moderate senators. God save our republic, capitalism and the Constitution.

Joe Nelson