Letters to the Editor

Lesson to be learned in redistributing wealth

In her book "No Higher Honor," Condoleezza Rice mentions a parable Mikhail Gorbachev once shared with President George H.W. Bush about the egalitarian tendencies of Russia before the Soviet period.

A peasant finds Aladdin's lamp, the story goes: "What would you like me to do for you?" the genie asks.

"Look at my neighbor. He has a good family, good crops and the latest means of conveyance," the peasant says. "Look at me. My wife is awful, I have no harvest and I don't even have a means of conveyance."

"So do you want me to make your life like his," the genie asks.

"No," the peasant responds. "I want you to make his life like mine."

Some might reasonably argue there is a similarity between this parable and President Barack Obama's idea to redistribute our nation's wealth.

Warren Jungk