Letters to the Editor

Obama's military plans raise grave concerns

When Ronald Reagan was president he called out the "evil empire."

His peace through strength brought the world peace. Then Bill Clinton did what Democrats do, he cut the military. He sent Al Gore to cut the government.

The White House took credit for removing 305,000 government employees from the payroll. What they didn't tell us was that 90 percent came from the Department of Defense, 286,000 people.

He reduced active duty forces by a third to a half, eliminating 800,000 personnel.

I forgot. President Barack Obama wants to please Vladimir Putin. Obama was caught on open mike telling Putin that when he gets re-elected he'll have more leeway. Clinton called it a peace divided. Ever wonder why troops are being deployed numerous times? What will we do when Russia, China, North Korea have more missiles, and when we deploy all of ours, they don't mind losing 300 cities? Our forces are suffering through a long-term systemic readiness problem. Will we be just another country, as Obama wants?

Roosevelt trusted Stalin; Chamberlin trusted Hitler; we signed a treaty with Saddam; John Kerry would be more sensitive to a war on terror now; Obama trusts Putin.

Can you imagine four more years of this?

Richard J. Dolan

Hilton Head Island